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Echoes of Rundan


It all started with a single email…

Mild-mannered accountant Dylan McIver needed something more than takeout, spreadsheets, and the occasional PUG. Everyone around him is getting married and popping out kids, and neither of those sound like the adventure Dylan wants out of life.

He gets his chance when he’s selected as a beta tester for the mysterious Project Rundas. It’s quite obvious from the get-go that this isn’t your average Virtual Reality MMORPG, but Dylan dives in to the potential danger head first.

The grind in game is real. Dylan’s up for the challenge, however. There’s monsters to kill, towners to build, mysteries to uncover, crafting to master, and fishing to enjoy.

He’ll sleep eventually.

Echoes of Rundan is currently exclusive to Royal Road and Patreon. There are three books available, starting with Landfall.

Tempered by Fire - High Resolution - Book 1

Tempered by Fire


Hirrus Callabryn is cursed. Afflicted. Infected.

He’s also aware. For once.

After a player-led event turns his once peaceful town into a band of ravenous monsters, Hirrus obtains a sentience usually unobtainable by non-player characters. It might be a gift of the gods, or a mistake, but Hirrus doesn’t care. It means he can track down and find the players responsible and stop them from doing it again.

Thing is, players don’t like their plans being interrupted. And in this game, there’s no resurrection until the weekly reset. Will Hirrus be able to cut a path of destruction across the land to get his revenge, or will the players be able to overwhelm him and bring him to justice?

"All in all if you are looking for a well rounded story kinda sorta set in an MMORPG type world with mystery and mayhem around every corner then look no further because Echoes of Rundan is the story you are looking for."
Royal Road Reader