Riley S. Keene

Building Imaginative, Diverse Fiction

Heroes By Necessity


They’re heroes. Just not by choice.

There’s something wrong in the world of Neuges.

It started innocently enough. Athala Dohn, wizard and scholar, was searching for more power. But her meddling unleashed a long-forgotten force that seeks to regain the control it lost over the centuries. And now she has to sacrifice everything to undo her mistake.

She’ll have to rely on her friends – Elise Bresch, a religious warrior, and Ragan Ermolt, a dashing barbarian – to succeed.

Failure means the end of existence. No pressure.

Heroes By Necessity is currently published on Amazon up to Book Five, Command, as an LBGTQA+ Fantasy series. They are being actively re-written as GameLit and re-publication will begin in 2021.

dARkness: Online


In the False Lands, it’s either git gud or die.

Tanisha Richards, known as Koest in dARkness: Online, isn’t your typical augmented reality mobile gamer. She’s a deer-hunting engineer from Oregon who lives in a self-sustainable house but drives a really inefficient truck.

She also happens to be in a wheelchair.

When the loot of a lifetime shows up during a potentially bugged event, Tanisha rushes out into the wilderness to capitalize on some intern’s mistake. She was expecting some amazing drops. What she got was dropped into the False Lands.

Will Tanisha be able to survive in a reality ruled by the systems in dARkness: Online, or is it GG?

Darkness Named is the first in a the dARkness: Online Trilogy. It features a diverse cast of characters, LitRPG crafting and building elements, augmented reality gaming, and a ton of references to the games we’ve enjoyed over the years!

"Honestly one of the best reads I had in a while."
Amazon Reviewer