Riley S. Keene

Riley S. Keene has been writing fantastical stories all their life. Thankfully, they’ve gotten a little better at it over time.

As a kid from Philadelphia, all they wanted was to live in a world that wasn’t quite so bleak. They imagined dragons and elves, and with the help of friends (and the support of authors and video games), they built colorful worlds full of freedom and vibrancy. Terrible, unbalanced stories were written about powerful heroes who couldn’t fail and were never in any real danger.

Then Riley found text-based roleplaying. And learned quickly that characters needed flaws to overcome, vivid descriptions, and authentic personalities. And that 8,000 word descriptions of a character’s inner dialogue won’t get engagement.

Thankfully, they applied these realizations to their other writing.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Riley S. Keene is a non-binary author who prefers the use of they/them pronouns.

Robert Keene

Robert Keene is an aspiring trickster figure determined to leave the world a better place than he found it in the only way he knows how: submitting it to his unique brand of humor smeared energetically across fantastical worlds where problems are solved with spirited and physically improbable violence.

He grew up surrounded by the natural beauty of evergreen forests, snow-capped mountains, and ice-cold rivers teeming with delicious salmon. Robert will tell you it was in the Pacific Northwest, but we know better, don’t we?

The totally-not-a-fae author started his journey in fantasy writing with text-based roleplay and tabletop games. He focused on crafting puckish rogues to be hilarious comic relief sidekicks, and stoic warriors with atypical passions that kept them from becoming too boring.

His true passion in writing litRPG and GameLit is the freedom to reference the pop-culture his generation has spent its entire life marinating in. There isn’t a more validating feeling than someone sending you the Spiderman Pointing meme when they hit a joke that resonates with their personal experiences and the shared background radiation of time on the interwebs.